The Calico Guild

Natural material moodboard with contrasting textures


We believe in achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality to create the best possible version of a space.

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At TCG STUDIO, we follow a multi-disciplinary and concept driven approach, allowing us to fully explore the intimacy of the design process with each of our clients. Our aim is to bring transparency and structure to the complexity that interior design is often associated with in our country. The spaces we design are a product of a personalized approach executed with careful attention to the overarching concept developed in conjunction with the client. Our love for layering textures through beautiful textiles and materials coupled with our unique sense of curation and eye for detail, enables us to design and seamlessly execute bespoke spaces to tell our clients' story. We apply the same creative approach and meticulous attention to detail to each project that we undertake, be it residential, hospitality, commercial, retail or visual merchandising, irrespective of scale.


Our concept driven approach lays the foundation for the design of the space. Through the process we refer back to our concept for the space so we stay true to the narrative till the very end. This core value enables us to create aesthetically cohesive and well thought out environments.


TCG studio believes in achieving a balance between aesthetics and functionality so as to create the best possible version of a space. This includes but is not limited to a balance in materials, proportions, texture, color, light and other factors that contribute to spatial design.


Our attention to detail and analysis of every design element, enables us to accentuate the beauty in the smallest features. We believe that each of these elements is integral in helping us bring your vision to life.


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