The Calico Guild

World map illustration of handlooms and trade routes


THE CALICO GUILD is a boutique design house that offers concept driven interior design services as well as contemporary handcrafted home goods. TCG draws inspiration from the concept of trade and the multifaceted role it has played in shaping our lives.

Our vision

At TCG, we amalgamate contemporary design and indigenous craft techniques, so that every season we can bring the stories and culture of unique artisanal communities to your home. As part of our commitment to the continued development of these communities, TCG reinvests a portion of proceeds to support artisans in practicing their craft and empower future generations to realise their potential in the modern design landscape.  

Likewise, at TCG Studio, we hope to bring transparency to the complexity that interior design is associated with. Our focus on concept driven design, attention to detail and being mindful toward our client requirements, helps us bring visual balance and meaning to every space we design.

the calico story

Named after Calicut, a trading town along the Malabar coast, Calico, was once one of the most coveted textiles in the world and in part responsible for putting India on the global trading map. Specialized trade routes across the oceans were devised and the Calico craze took Europe by storm. Despite attempts by the British to try and obstruct production of Calico in a bid to revive their local textile industry, the quality of the fabric and handiwork from the Indian craftsman shone through and survived.

Drawing inspiration from the concept of ‘trade’ through the ‘Calico’ story, The Calico Guild pays homage to the fabric and its representation of the craftsman's triumph in the modern world. We believe in creating goods and spaces that are a reflection of ideas exchanged and journeys that have inspired us subconsciously and consciously.



Sanna graduated with a Diploma in Interior design from the prestigious KLC School of Design in London. Having completed her undergraduate studies in Marketing and Business Management from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, she is equipped with the necessary project management skills to complement her creativity. She began her career working with reputed designers such as Shaun Clarkson ID and Mokka Design in London, which laid the foundation for professionalism in design processes, and a refined aesthetic sense. 

On returning to Mumbai, she worked in the field for over 5 years, first a short stint with The Chicago Studio and then at the award-winning firm Neterwala and Aibara Interior Architects, one of India’s leading interior design firms. Leading large scale, luxury projects at N&A, helped hone her abilities not only as a designer, but also in site execution and client management.   

With a family background in Antiques and tribal art & furniture, along with an extensive collection of sculptures and modern art, a passion for varied aspects of design was ingrained in her from a young age. This was the catalyst to her journey as a design entrepreneur exploring craft and design at different scales. An avid traveller, her love for design inspires her to explore unique textiles and crafts wherever she goes. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, gallery and museum hopping, practicing Yoga and playing with her adopted pets.


Ashni earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts, majoring in Interior Design, at Parson's School of Design, New York. Graduating at the top of her class with honors in academic excellence, she began to explore different aspects of Interior Design by working with brands like Architectural Digest as well as Nozer Wadia Associates. At AD, she was exposed to international trends and developed an understanding of contemporary design, that was integral in shaping her own design philosophy. 

She continued her growth as a designer by practicing under renowned names in the field such as Ajit Shilpi in Mumbai and Cheryl Eisen of Interior Marketing Group, in New York. Leading large scale luxury projects at IMG, one of New York's top design and staging firms, helped shape her aesthetic sensibilities while also rounding out her project management skills. 

Ashni saw her move back to India as an opportunity to bring back the accountability and structure of how the field operates in New York, and amalgamate it with the craft and detail oriented skill of Indian artisans. This quest for a holistic spatial design experience led to her co-founding TCG with Sanna Daya Hasan. Among other hobbies, she likes to read about the history of design and in turn the role it played in shaping our history, sketch, travel and photograph architecture and floral landscapes wherever she goes.