The Calico Guild


Irina, the Sanskrit root word for Rann tells the story of the panoramic endless white expanse of the Salt plains of Kachchh. Elevate your space with this collection featuring warm neutral tones and subtle embroidery textures complemented with bold bhujodi weaves.


Kachchh literally translates to a land that is both wet and dry, giving rise to unique physical features similar to islets, called bets. Khadir, the most famous of such monsoon bets, is home to one of the most prominent sites from the Indus Valley civilization. The geography and trade routes of the region are the inspiration behind the straight lines & handwoven details along with the use of rich navy and fresh cerulean hues seen in this collection.

the utara collection

Inspired by the movement of the Nomadic caravans in the region and their relationship with local Kachchh weavers, Utara translates to setting up camp. This collection explores desert tones, straight lines and geometric forms highlighted by the intricate yet modest Bhujodi weaves.


The Saphed collection pays homage to awe inspiring white salt dessert of Kachchh. The Little Rann of Kutch is known for its traditional salt production, a 600-year-old activity carried out by Communities known as 'Agariyas'. Some of these communities include Chunvaliya Koli, Ahir and Miyana. The designs seen in the Saphed collection are inspired by the topography, colours and unique history of the Ekal white dessert and embody a light, airy, coastal vibe.

the kullu collection

Kullu handloom weaves are considered an artwork for the Himachal people and has its roots grounded in the ancient traditions of the region. This collection aims to celebrate the elegance of the kullu weaves through the use of a vibrant colour palette and brilliant geometric patterns.